Locksmith Aalsmeer

Locksmith Aalsmeer

The lock specialist from Aalsmeer and the surrounding area.

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The advantages of locksmith Aalsmeer

  • Licensed locksmith
  • Fitters with VOG
  • Specialist knowledge
  • Professional security service
  • Express service
  • Available day and night
  • Secure payment with the pin
  • Clear rates

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Locksmith Aalsmeer

Voted most reliable locksmith in Aalsmeer e.o.

Are you looking for a reliable locksmith in Aalsmeer and the surrounding area? Then you are at the right place with us. We offer an extensive lock service and burglary protection that is carried out by qualified technicians with a VOG. We are a recognized company that works with certified products and professional tools. As a result, we are able to solve any problem in the field of locks and to take care of your hinges and locks perfectly.


Locked out in Aalsmeer

Can you no longer enter your home or business premises? For example, because your lock is defective, your keys have been lost or the key has broken off in the lock? An annoying situation that requires a professional solution. Contact our emergency service and we will be at your location within 20 minutes. Using professional tools, our technicians can open your lock within half an hour. We always do this in a completely damage-free manner so that doors, frames and the lock itself remain undamaged.

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • On location within 20 minutes
  • Your lock opened in a short time
  • Damage-free opening of doors
  • Professional tools
Locked out in Aalsmeer

Your hardware is in professional hands with us

Locksmith Aalsmeer provides a reliable service with which we can take excellent care of your hinges and locks. We can solve problems with your keys and locks professionally and quickly and also offer a security service with which we can protect your home or business premises against unwanted intruders. Our service is carried out exclusively by qualified locksmiths who have specialist knowledge. Unique alt tag Mechanic Rick van Slotenmaker Aalsmeer is busy replacing a lock.

Your hardware is in professional hands with us

Replace locks

You can count on the expertise of Slotenmaker Aalsmeer to replace your locks. Do you have a defective lock, have your keys been stolen or have you just moved into a new home? Call us for new locks of the highest quality. We have a wide range of new locks that we can deliver and install immediately.

Open locks

Are you locked out of your home or business premises and do you need a professional who can open your door for you? Contact our 24/7 emergency service and our technicians will be on site within 20 minutes to open your door. With professional tools we will open your lock quickly and completely damage-free.

Burglary protection

Burglars are always finding new ways to enter someone else’s home or business premises. Prevent burglars from making their move and let Locksmith Aalsmeer install burglary protection for you. In our range you will find security locks and additional locks, but also electronic security such as camera and alarm systems. All our products are provided with the necessary quality marks.

Install multi-point lock

With a multi-point lock as an extra lock on your windows and doors, you can significantly reduce the risk of burglary. The multi-point lock ensures that your window or door will be completely blocked when locked and can no longer be forced from the outside.

Express service

Do you have an urgent problem in the field of hinges and locks? For example, you have burglary damage that needs to be repaired immediately or you have been locked out of your home. Please contact our emergency service, which can be reached by telephone 24/7. We will do everything we can to be on site as soon as possible with a professional solution to the problem.

Core pulling protection

Core pulling protection is an indispensable form of burglary protection for cylinder locks. This protection prevents core pulling, a popular intrusion method among criminals. We can easily install core pulling protection on your current cylinder locks, but we can also provide you with a completely new lock that already has this protection.

Locksmith Aalsmeer, the expert in burglary protection

Our team consists of well-trained technicians who have a good solution for every lock problem. They are always quick to provide assistance.

The clear rates of Locksmith Aalsmeer

Locksmith Aalsmeer is a reliable and recognized locksmith that charges clear rates for its service. We think it is important that everyone in Aalsmeer and the surrounding area can call us in with problems with hinges and locks. That is why we charge costs for our services that are affordable for everyone. It is possible to request a quote from us without obligation so that you know exactly where you stand. Do we need to visit you urgently? Then we communicate the costs for the work to be carried out with you in advance by telephone, so that you will never be faced with unpleasant surprises.

The clear rates of Locksmith Aalsmeer

Locksmith Aalsmeer, the expert in burglary protection

In addition to an extensive lock service, Locksmith Aalsmeer also offers an extensive security service. In this way we can work with you to ensure that unwanted intruders stay outside the door. We employ security experts who have specialist knowledge in the field of burglary protection and can advise you on which security best suits your living situation. In addition, we have a wide range of burglary protection with the latest technology and the right quality marks. Our fitters provide excellent installation of all our burglar-resistant products.

Locksmith Aalsmeer, the expert in burglary protection

Compensation for damages

Our service and your insurance

Did you know that in some situations it is possible to recover the costs for our lock and security service from your insurer? This concerns circumstances beyond your control, such as stolen keys or burglary damage. To submit these costs, please contact your home insurance. We recommend that you always inquire with your insurer about the policy conditions so that you know what can and cannot be reimbursed. Our technicians can tell you more about how you can submit the costs for our work.

Our service and your insurance

Lost keys?

Have you lost your keys and are you standing in front of a closed door? Contact our emergency service and within a short time we will be on site to open your lock completely damage-free so that you can get back in quickly. You usually cannot recover the costs for this from your insurance because an insurer will assess this situation as something that you were at fault for.

Lost keys?

FAQs to Locksmith Aalsmeer

Do you have a question about our service, maintenance contracts or a lock problem? We have listed the answers to our customers’ FAQs for you. Is the answer to your question not listed? Please feel free to contact us by calling or filling in the contact form on the website.

  • Experienced locksmiths
  • Professional emergency service
  • Also outside office hours and on weekends
  • Locksmiths with VOG
  • Professional mounting
FAQs to Locksmith Aalsmeer

What falls under hinges and locks?

There are many products under the name hinges and locks. This includes locks, keys, cylinders and door fittings. Electronic security such as alarm and camera systems are also part of the hinges and locks of your home.

The best way to maintain the hinges and locks of your home depends on the material. Usually a little detergent and a damp cloth is enough to keep the products clean, sometimes greasing after cleaning is also necessary.

The letters SKG are an abbreviation for Foundation Quality Gevelbouw. It is a quality mark that is only issued to locks and security that meet all safety requirements and have a burglary-resistant effect. Three different classifications are possible with this quality mark, ranging from 1 to three stars.

A multi-point lock is an additional lock for doors and windows consisting of three, five or seven locks. These closures are placed over the entire length of the frame. When this extra lock is locked, the window or door will be completely blocked, making forcing from the outside impossible.

A multi-point lock offers many advantages that we have listed for you:

  • Reduces the risk of burglaries
  • Easy to operate with one key Reduces draughts
  • Prevents noise nuisance from outside


I couldn't open my safe because I lost the key. Locksmith Aalsmeer sent me a friendly mechanic who opened my safe again in no time, thanks!



I had a rusted key and wanted to have an extra key made to avoid problems. I visited Locksmith Aalsmeer and they immediately helped me and made new keys for me.



Locksmith Aalsmeer recently installed alarm security at my home. Mechanic Rick has been working on this and after installing the products, he explained to me step by step and clearly how the security works.


Where can you find our locksmiths?

You can find our qualified technicians all over the country. Also in Aalsmeer there is always a qualified locksmith nearby who can help you with your problems and questions in the field of hinges and locks.

085 - 760 25 17

Common lock problem in Aalsmeer

We come into daily contact with people who have to deal with the exclusion of their home or business premises. Our technicians can be at your location within a short time to open a lock quickly and damage-free.


We replace an outdated lock for you as soon as possible, so that the door of your home is always optimally secured. The new lock that we install has been extensively tested, has the SKG quality mark and has a burglary-resistant effect.


Have you lost the key to your safe or have you forgotten the code to your safe? Our qualified technicians can quickly reopen your safe for you using professional tools and special techniques.


Need a locksmith in the Aalsmeer region?

Need a locksmith in the Aalsmeer region?

085 - 760 25 17